The development and application of products, processes and services to address existing, new and unmet needs.

Burst is no ordinary cavitation science company, our high level understanding and modelling abilities allow us to rapidly steer opportunities toward the most appropriate and efficient industrial solution. Our designers and engineers, supported by our world class scientists, can rapidly develop robust systems for pilot testing and scale up.

From our leadership position in high pressure cavitation we are able to approach all applications with rigor and pragmatic solutions. Our range of activities cover:

  • Low pressure – acoustic and hydrodynamics systems for industrial use.
  • High pressure – acoustic systems for research.
  • Extreme pressure – acoustic systems for our nuclear fusion program.

Cavitation technology applications include:

  • Water disinfection - potable water, sludge, and other waste treatment.
  • Environmental remediation – removal of PCB, TCE and other industrial contaminants from groundwater.
  • Food & beverage – flavor enhancement, emulsification and homogenization.
  • Chemicals – synthesis, purification, novel catalysis.
  • Oil & Gas – fracking water clean-up, oil extraction & cracking.
  • Energy – nuclear fusion and enhanced combustion efficiency.

Recognizing that many industrial solutions require a combination of technologies and skills, our team has been supplemented with the following expertise:

  • Chemistry and microbiology
  • Filtration and separations
  • Water treatment
  • Particle engineering
  • Systems control and scale-up

Our application experience includes:

  • Microbial disinfection,
  • Beverage flavor enhancement,
  • Reducing contaminants in chemical processes,
  • Precious mineral de-agglomeration and nano milling,
  • Anaerobic digester effluent treatment, ammonia reduction,
  • Reduction of VOC’s in waste water, and
  • Precision delivery of reagents for chemical reactions under pressure.

We work with partners to develop application solutions in areas beyond our core competence, and to reduce time to market.