Our systems eliminate process steps and chemical additives while reducing energy consumption. The result is cleaner, more sustainable and more efficient businesses.

Carefully controlled cavitation in combination with other techniques can be used to effect chemical reactions without the use of reagents. By varying the configuration different conditions such as oxidizing or reducing environments can be created. Effectively this is chemical free chemistry, a powerful tool with many applications.

Our expertise in modelling and developing well controlled and distributed cavitation fields are vital to gain process control and produce consistent products at high yield. Each application is different, requiring system to be developed and optimized for a specific purpose and environment. Many delicate components may be harmed by over intensive or poorly controlled processes. Our continuous flow systems are modular, high precision, and controlled by real time closed-loop automation systems that ensure optimal treatment.

We are working with leading food and beverage companies to both accelerate and improve production processes. Our systems are in routine use, with next generation technology in pilot testing:

  • Beverage flavor optimization and enhancement
  • Removal of unwanted products from bio-ethanol production
  • Improved processing through better mixing and emulsions
  • Degradation of cellular matter aiding bio-processing
  • Careful release of biologically produced products
  • Crystallization
  • Milling to micron and nano meter sizes
  • Edible oil clean-up, fatty acid, phospholipid and salt removal
  • Different effects with food using sonic and chemical effects of homogenization
  • Infusion such as flavors

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