Breakthrough Extreme Acoustic Cavitation Paper Published in Ultrasonics

February 15, 2016: Burst presented its Extreme Acoustic Cavitation technology in a peer-reviewed paper published in the February 2016 issue of Ultrasonics entitled “Intense Cavitation at Extreme Static Pressure”. This work describes achieving intense cavitation in conditions long thought impossible, showing Burst’s world leading capability in both the science and engineering of cavitation systems. Burst can now make this intense cavitation technology available on a custom basis for research laboratories and industry.

Burst Energies Inc. Forms a New Subsidiary Chelan Inc. to Focus upon Clean Technology Applications

November 16, 2015: Burst Energies Inc. announces the formation of a new subsidiary, Chelan Inc. Funded by certain members of the Burst Energies Board and their associates, Chelan will pioneer new hydrodynamic and low pressure ultrasonic technologies in clean tech applications such as biogas generation, water remediation and heavy oil partial upgrading and viscosity reduction.

Burst Energies original subsidiary Burst Laboratories Inc. (formerly Impulse Devices Inc.) continues to develop its world leading extreme pressure ultrasonic cavitation systems aimed at fusion energy and new materials applications.

Dr Richard Philpott, CEO of Burst Energies, also leads activities across Burst Laboratories and Chelan.

Burst to present Biogas Enhancement and Algal Inhibition devices at the 2015 Annual Fall Conference of the American Water Works Association (AWWA)

Burst has accepted an invitation from the Metropolitan Water District Innovation Pavilion at California-Nevada Section of AWWA to present its innovations at the AWWA Annual Fall Conference in Las Vegas October 26-29, 2015. Burst plans to present two innovations: 1) An Acoustic Algae Preventer System for waste water treatment plants and 2) a High Flow-rate Hydrodynamic Cavitation System for substantial improvement of biodigester performance (biogas productivity, de-watering improvement and reduced final waste).

Burst Successfully Conducts Industrial Trials of its BioDigester Productivity Enhancement System

October 1, 2015: Burst concluded a two-month 24/7 industrial trial of its hydrodynamic sludge treatment system at Yuba City Wastewater Treatment Plant. The Burst system was installed inline to the first mesophilic digester. Significant increases in soluble Chemical Oxygen Demand (sCOD) biogas production were observed as well as an improvement in final solids de-watering. We are now proceeding to perform further trials at food waste and dairy farm sludge to biogas plants in Northern California.

Burst trials new technology to inhibit Algal growth at Waste Water Treatment Plants

May 7, 2015: Following discussions with several waste water treatment plants, Burst developed a novel acoustic system to overcome the problem of algal growth in treatment channels. Using our industry leading modelling capability we have achieved a design that achieves maximum inhibition while being easily installed into existing sites. Trials will take place at locations in Northern California during 2015.

Burst Appoints Richard Philpott as Chief Executive Officer

On November 1, 2014 Burst Energies announced the appointment of Dr. Richard Philpott as its Chief Executive Officer. From the UK, Richard has a significant track record in developing science companies into commercial vehicles and will lead the transformation of Burst from a contract research to a product company. This appointment was recommended to the Burst Board by their strategic advisor and interim CEO Seamus Hatch of Aran Strategic Finance, who remains on the Board of Burst.

Impulse Devices Inc. becomes Burst Laboratories Inc.

On May 24, 2013 Burst Energies announced the acquisition of Impulse Devices. Founded in 1999 as an applied physics research and development firm, Impulse pioneered cavitation under high static pressure. Its patented Extreme Acoustic Cavitation technology enables a variety of chemical and physical processes that cannot be achieved with conventional cavitation systems. Impulse Devices has been renamed Burst Laboratories and is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Burst Energies.