We are a unique combination of twenty entrepreneurs, internationally recognized scientists and talented engineers.

Richard Philpott, PhD

As Chief Executive Officer Richard brings a unique combination of science and business experience to Burst. He has over 20 years of experience turning science into sound business, across life science, chemical and industrial application areas. Previously Richard was CEO of Acumen Bioscience, a high throughput technology for drug discovery. He holds a PhD in biochemistry following a BSc from Imperial College, London, and a DipMarketing from the UK Charted Institute of Marketing.

Wylene Dunbar, PhD

Wylene is an Executive Director of Burst Energies, managing our fusion project. Before joining the company she was cofounder and director of the Acoustic Fusion Technology Energy Consortium (AFTEC). She received a PhD from Vanderbilt University and a law degree from the University of Mississippi. After a brief stint teaching philosophy, Wylene practiced law in Oxford, Mississippi where she became Member of the Holcomb Dunbar law firm. Wylene is also an award winning author.

Yuri Pishchalnikov, PhD

Yuri is an internationally recognized leader in the field of physical acoustics. He has published 65 articles in peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings, and was awarded the 2006 American Urological Association / Astellas Prize for research on an NIH-funded project in shock wave lithotripsy. He has performed much distinguished work in nonlinear acoustic waves with shocks, cavitation, and high-intensity focused ultrasound. Yuri received his MS in physics and his PhD in acoustics from Moscow State University, Russia.

Naresh Mahamuni, PhD

Naresh is a recognized expert in applied acoustic and hydrodynamic cavitation. He is widely-published, frequently appearing in the ScienceDirect Top 25 articles. Naresh is experienced in in numerous application areas, including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and environmental remediation. He received a BE in chemical engineering at the National Institute of Technology, Surat, India, an MTech in chemical engineering from Banaras Hindu University, Institute of Technology, and a PhD in chemical engineering from Mumbai University.

Joel Gutierrez

Joel is an experimental physicist specializing in high pressure acoustic cavitation systems. He has extensive experience in the design and modelling of complex systems using a variety of software tools and techniques. Joel systems implementation of custom piezoelectric acoustic driver assemblies to optimize cavitation performance over extreme operating conditions. He received a BS physics from UC Davis.

Jason Fischer

Jason is a mechanical engineer at Burst, using the principles of engineering, physics and materials science to analyzes, design, manufacture and maintain complex mechanical systems. He has a sound knowledge of multiple CAD systems, together with project and resource management. Prior to Burst Jason was as a workshop assistant on the popular television show, Mythbusters.  He graduated with a BS in mechanical engineering from the California Maritime Academy.

Steve Nicholson

Steve brings over 20 years of software development experience to Burst. As our lead software engineer he focused on real time process management and automation systems. Previously Steve spent 10 years developing music software at Musicator, and as a quality assurance engineer at Apple. Steve studied computer science at San Francisco State University.